HVAC Solutions

Heating and Cooling for most buildings are accomplished by chillers, boilers, or individual packaged split type systems. The average building ventilation system is 38% larger than necessary. Considering the ventilation systems alone can account for up to 80% of the energy use in a building, there is a huge potential for savings. Savings are not only achieved by reducing the load by replacing existing machinery with higher energy efficient equipment, our break-through engineering also covers efficiency modifications to the boilers and from sealing air-infiltration and improving insulation which can negate any heat losses. Optimizing the system and using variable frequency drives (VFD’s) to match the load requirements will substantially increase savings and reduce operating costs. With our holistic approach, we can substantially reduce the cost of implementation by avoiding a ton-for-ton replacement of mechanical systems.

We have the top professionals in the HVAC Industry making our products, solutions and services outshine those of its competitors, leading to the company’s strong and consistent growth. KK Energy employs experts and partners with leaders in the energy filed as we has selected top professionals to be a part of its core team with over a combined 60 years of experience in engineering, project development and implementation.

Our HVAC Solutions & Services include;

  • Energy Audit
  • System Engineering Design and Implementation
  • Supply Chillers & AHU Equipment
  • Special Air Handler for Clean Room Application
  • Supply VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Equipment
  • Room Air Conditioning (RAC) and Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) System
  • Chiller Plant Optimization and Energy Dash Board
  • After Sales Service & Spare Parts
  • Financial Supports

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