KK Energy, a Thailand-based company, is the pioneer in providing energy-efficient solutions to industries and business in Thailand. We provide our complete solution services through two main products: our heat-reflective outdoor paints, “Planet Supra Nano Thermal Barrier Paints” and our smart indoor paint, “Plate Supra-iBright”, which brighten the indoor spaces and thus, reducing lighting requirements. With wide variety of colors in matte and glossy finish avaailable for customers to choose from, we work closely with our well-regard Japanese partner to provide top quality product and services to some od Thailand’s largest companies such as PTT.

Mission Statement

We strive to assist our customers save energy-related expenses by applying safe and beautiful quality insulating coating to their facilities with minimal day-to-day operation disruption.

Coating for the future

Our products prevent heat gain in buildings to improve comfort, lower energy bills, and reduce heat stress hazards in the workplace.

Planet Supra uses ultrafine hollow nano silica beads which reflects the solar radiation. Planet Supra releases the 95 percent of the head out the building. Only the remain 5 percent comes in.


Reflective Barrier Paint
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Solar Roof Top
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Bio Gas
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  • Bridge stone Metalpha (Thailand)
    Coated Areas: 47,175 Sq.M.
  • Tesco Lotus (Lotus Express)
    Coated Areas: 25,800 Sq.M.
  • Bridgestone Bandag (Thailand)
    Coated Areas: 15,452 Sq.M.
  • PTT RM (PTT Jiffy)
    Coated Areas: 47,629 Sq.M.
  • LF Asia (Thailand), New Lab
    Coated Areas: 660 Sq.M.
  • Big C (Mini Big C)
    Coated Areas: 23,500 Sq.M.
  • Deestone
    Coated Areas: 650 Sq.M.
  • Orchid Views
    Coated Areas: 13,500 Sq.M.
  • Siam Rubber Om - Noi
    New Oil Free Water-Cooled
    Chiller Plant
    Tonnage: 1,200 TR
  • SIG Comic Bloc
    Air-Cooled Chiller Replacement
    with Water-Cooled Chiller
    Tonnage: 2,400 TR
    Payback: 3.5 Year
  • Thai Honda Ladkrabang
    New Water-Cooled Chiller Plant
    Tonnage: 1,500 TR
  • Thai Indokosa
    Air-Cooled Chiller Replacement
    with Water-Cooled Chiller
    Tonnage: 2,500 TR
    Payback: 3 Year
  • Cadbury Adams Ladkrabang
    New Water-Cooled Chiller Plant
    Tonnage: 1,800 TR
  • NOK Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 New Water-Cooled Chiller Plant
    Tonnage: 9,600 TR
  • Data Product Toppan Form Air-Cooled Chiller Replacement
    with Water-Cooled Chiller
    Tonnage: 800 TR
    Payback: 3 Year

  • SIAM RUBBER Part., Ltd.
  • Lining&Covering Works Mengseng Starch Co. Ltd.,
  • Bio-gas pond(B2) System Improvement Project Thai Rungruang Industry Co. Ltd.,
  • Aeration System Improvement Project Thaipapermill Co.,Ltd.

Magnetic Bearing Chiller

Water&Wastewater Treatment

Solar Rooftop

Bio Gas

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